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Steens Mountain - Alvord Desert

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Steens mountain rises unremarkably as you travel west, the slope so broad and gradual you would never guess your were climbing a mountain, let alone the 7th tallest mountain in Oregon. At the top, this lull is broken sharply as all along the 50 mile long escarpment. plummets with sheer drops into glacier scoured valleys. At the end of the valley, deep in the rain shadow of the crag 5,000 feet above, you arrive at the Alvord desert, a rippling mirage. The driest place in Oregon, it's surface stretches out like paper wrinkled dried paper, swallowing sound and drawing you to explore.

Topographic map print with our unique shading of elevation and slope to highlight natural features. Add an adventure to put your memories on the map. Prints are museum-quality. Each is custom giclee-printed on archival, acid-free, thick and durable matte paper (192 g/m2). Prints are museum-quality.

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