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Crater Lake

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Crater lake, the deepest lake the the US, was created approx. 7,700 years ago. It formed when Mount Mazama collapsed into it's empty caldera. The collapse was immense, with nearly a vertical mile of elevation lost. The summit Mt. Mazama was 12,000' while the high point on crater lake is 8,934'.

Contours every 30ft with major contours every 300tft. The base shading is determined by elevation and slope. Underwater shading is denoted in blue. This map begins at an elevation of 6500' (although the cliffs leading to the lake are mapped to the shore at 6,178').

Topographic map print with our unique shading of elevation and slope to highlight natural features. Contours every 300ft. Add a track of your adventure to put your memories on the map. Prints are museum-quality. Each is custom giclee-printed on archival, acid-free, thick and durable matte paper (192 g/m2).